Copper Roofing

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Whether it is copper roofing, copper cladding, copper domes or spires, this material is often chosen for its elegant qualities. Combining beauty with practicality, there is nothing quite like copper roofing. As contractors and specialists in roofs, Ashford Roofing is a team you can trust for high quality finishes that add flair and character to your property.

Left to age, copper spires, domes and roofing only gain more personality and striking looks, as the patina it takes on is remarkable. From brilliant brown to an array of pale jade hues, the aesthetic quality of the cooper roofing captures Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and surrounding regions residents’ attention. From its early years to the patina covered construction that is reminiscent of a fairytale or century old European structure, our copper roofing contractors will help you to discover the beauty and benefits of this attractive, lightweight material.



Being non-flammable, this material offers great fire protection, which is great for homes in fire prone areas. On the other end of the spectrum, it also lasts brilliantly in rain downpours. From fire and water to snow, this material choice is bound to last.


Ashford Roofing contractors can provide copper roofs, cladding, domes and spires in Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane that are lightweight, yet incredibly strong.


When your roof is installed by copper roofing specialists, you are guaranteed a high quality finish that will last a lifetime. With the right installation and proper maintenance, your roof will outlast many of the features you have added to the inside of your building.

Curb appeal

From the moment your copper spires, domes, cladding or roofing is installed on your Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane property, you will instantly be blown away by its aesthetics. This will be sure to make an impact and demand attention from the street. Great when you are looking to create elegance or a beautiful aged look. These are particularly great for properties with wooden exteriors and large windows.

For more advice on this material or whether it is right for your application, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to assist you. Our specialists provide obligation free quotes and pride ourselves on our unbeatable workmanship and customer service.